Sunday, 29 April 2012

Love Sewing?
The home of 'Make Your Own'

Visit the website above to find out about workshops. There are regular classes in Coverack and Mullion. Plans are afoot for Gweek and Helston too. 
Sewing always includes lots of tea and cake.

Fancy a weekend away with some friends?
Come and spend it in the beautiful fishing village of Coverack and learn to sew. 
Sew during the day and finish off with a prize winning fish and chips and a glass or two from the Paris Hotel on the harbour.

Perhaps you are looking for a sewing kit or a pattern to download that is a bit different? Have a look at the kits and download pages. 

There is also a haberdashery page with all the bits and bobs that are missing from your sewing box.

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Saturday, 10 March 2012

OH MY!!! It has taken time but finally 
is LIVE!!!

Please take a look and email any feed back to
Thanks x

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Easter is not just about chocolate!

March 12th, 19th and 26th

730pm until 10pm, St Peters Hall Coverack

March has an Easter theme. We will be making all sorts of Easter themed décor, including Appliquéd Bunting, lavender Eggs and Hopping Hares to name a few.

As usual this class is £4 entry and you can choose your kit. 
Kit prices start at £5.95.

We have a variety of sewing machines ranging from 2 weeks to 60 years old. If you have your own sewing machine bring it along.

This Workshop is for beginners up to advanced.

The Coverack workshops are about learning a new skill, brushing up an old one and getting inspired.
All Creek Boutique kits will be available as usual along side the Creek Boutique Haberdashery

Hope to see you there........x
Well I have spent allot of time drinking tea and eating cake today............
Oh and making 50 metres of bunting with the mums at Coverack Primary school.

I spent a day with the children at school last week helping them come up with designs and patterns reflecting their school and the village of Coverack. They then drew and painted their designs onto calico triangles. They had two each, one with their own design and one with their hand prints. They all really enjoyed themselves, from the smallest 4 year old, to the almost as tall as me 11 year old!

Today we sewed their flags together. The design on one side and the hand print on the other. We cut out more triangles from 6 different fabrics in primary colours, ginghams and spots. We mixed them all up, sewed them up and popped them on their strings.
In 6 hours we managed to make 50 metres. I can't wait for the Easter events at school to see them in all thier glory.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bunting Galore!

Friday March the 16th 
Creek Boutique will be concentrating on Bunting.

Bunting is everywhere and it isn't going anywhere. Especially with the Jubilee and the Olympics this year. It is not just for patriotic occasions though. Easter, birthdays, Christmas, weddings, parties and for home décor to. The uses are endless. It is a decoration that can last time and time again if made well. 
That is where I come in! 
I will be guiding you as to the best way to make lasting bunting. I have spent the last 4 years helping Georgie Kirby from make her fantastic and beautiful quality bunting for hire. Some of the sets made are on their 4th year and coming up to their 100th hire. That is a sign of good sewing, if I do say so myself!
Georgie also has kits and tutorials available to purchase here
The Big Beautiful Bunting studio will open its doors from September, running Bunting specific workshops. So if you cant make the 16th, note down the BBB website above.

Would you like me to start a class near to you?
Get in touch on or follow this blog for updates.....

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sewing workshop tonight at St Peters Hall in Coverack. 7:30pm until 10pm.

All the sessions are one off, so you needn't have been to the last two to come to this one! A new project every night. 

£4 entry + your kit - from £5.95. Or bring your own project and hang out for some inspiration. Don't forget your sewing box, but if you do we have everything for sale in the haberdashery. 
See you later x

Friday, 3 February 2012

New logo above....
Using a painting by my friend Katy, I put the image into and turned it into a sketch. I then darkened all the main parts of the image with a marker pen. I put the image down and placed a piece of calico on top. I then pinned them together, the calico acting as a tracing paper. Then using free hand style on the sewing machine, I embroidered the outlines and used a messy stitch to fill in the colours. Basically colouring in! I then used a chain stitch to create the writing. 
The original image was drawn by a great friend who is an amazing Cornish artist -
Pop along and have a look at her site. She doesn't have any of her illustrations online, but I hope she will be adding some soon! We are working on some printable images for fabric in the style of my logo.
Katy mainly using printmaking as her medium. Using this method she captures the Cornish hedgerow at its best. I love her work and I am waiting for my husband (a cabinet maker) to frame my favourite piece....It took 6 years for him to complete our kitchen! Wish me luck...

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The website is in progress. Very excited about it! The best bit is that I have worked out how to do it all by myself! I thought it was going to be a real laborious task. Getting all my patterns/sewing instructions turned into pdf and then work out how to add them to a shop page on my site as an instant download. But as it turns out, it is very, very simple. Just need to find the time to put aside to do it now.......

Last night was the second of this set of three workshops. I thought I would make up a quick and easy pattern for all those who were due to complete their first project last night, in case they didn't feel like going straight into the next one. The kit includes everything you need to make two hanging lavender filled hearts. Everyone loved the fabrics and the kit, but I only had one taker. As it turns out, most wanted to carry on with all the more complicated kits! Brilliant, the sewing bug is spreading!
Next Wednesday, February 8th, is the last of this set of 3. The following workshops will be in March. Monday the 12th, 19th and 26th. 7:30 at St Peters Hall in Coverack. Bundles and bundles of bunting for this one. With an optional Easter theme!
I am hoping to see all the usual/unusual (ha ha) faces as well as some newbies, the hall is certainly big enough and very toasty when I remember to turn the heating on.
Happy Crafting

Friday, 27 January 2012

First night!

Well the first workshop for 2012 went really well. Apart from an almost false start with dropped sewing machine and a cut knee. One plaster later, a tweaking of cogs and 11 crafters and myself filled St Peters hall with the whoosh of an iron, the snip of scissors and the Whirrggghhhh or maybe Grrrrrrrr of vintage sewing machines.

There was patchwork, appliqué, bags and cushions galore. One pupil whizzed up an appliqué cushion in 2 hours having never sewn before! A natural crafter and my sons teacher!. Others took their time coming up with their own versions of my designs to be completed next Wednesday. I can't wait to see the results.

The unique thing about the Creek Boutique sewing workshops is that the evening caters for every budget. Come along with your own fabrics and sewing kit and you just pay an entry fee of £4 + £2 for your pattern. Or you can buy the full kit for £9.95 + your entry fee. Creek Boutique is in residence with all your haberdashery needs including many fabrics.

I also cater for every skill level. If you can't sew, then I can give you an introductory lesson before you start your chosen project, with constant support throughout. If you can sew and have a machine then bring it along and brush up an old skill or just to get inspired.
A group of like minded people makes an inspiring and industrious creative atmosphere. I am having so much fun!
Next 2 nights are Wednesday 1st and the 8th of February.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Winter Workshop Dates.......

The next 3 Creek Boutique workshops will be taking place on the following Wednesdays...
25th January
1st February
8th February

We are loosely using Valentines Day as a theme, but instead of making something for your loved one it will be self indulgent! There will be patchwork, Appliqué, haberdashery, kits, hand sewing, machine tutorials for those who need it and much much more....

We will be at St Peters Hall in Coverack from 730pm until 10pm and the evening will be £4 per person. 
Kits and any haberdashery you may need are extra but you are welcome to bring your own sewing box and fabrics. You are also welcome to bring along your own sewing machine.