Friday, 30 December 2011

A New Year = A New Venture!

After testing the water before Christmas with 3 taster workshops called 'Make Your Own', it has spurred me on to pursue this further and expand the haberdashery and kits available through Creek Boutique. 

Kits will be available to download as well as to buy in complete kits and delivered to your door. All my designs as well as some of Georgie's from Big Beautiful Bunting Co. will be available to purchase very soon. But whilst  you are waiting for the workshop dates and downloads to become available I will be updating this blog with a few freebies to get you started with the crafting bug. 

Allot of my designs will still be available to purchase through 

I am really looking forward to the feedback and sharing ideas with like minded creatives!
So here is the first of my freebies to get you started

Make a needle case
You will need 
I x piece of medium weight fabric 20cm x 10cm.  (I have used calico).
1 x pretty appliqué shape, maximum size 6cm x 6cm.
1 x small button
1 x piece of ribbon about 7cm.
1 x piece of felt  12 cm x 6 cm (cut with pinking shears is a nice effect).
Needle and thread or a Sewing Machine and thread
Pinking Shears (optional)
 Take the natural fabric and fold in half so the shorter edges meet. Sew together the raw edges leaving a 3cm gap in the raw edged end for turn out the right way and for the ribbon button loop.
 Turn out so it looks like above and pop in the ribbon to make a loop for the button fastening.  Top stitch all around the edge, about 3 – 5 mm from the edge. use a back stitch over the ribbon to make it secure.
 Now pin your chosen appliqué shape onto the opposite side. Stitch your appliqué in place. If you are sewing by hand a blanket stitch would look pretty. If you are using a sewing machine like we have then a small tight zigzag stitch is equally attractive..
Now lay your felt on the inside of your case and stitch through across the middle like a book. Now add your button on the front making sure it lines up nicely with your ribbon loop.

 Well done you have completed your Creek Boutique Pins and Needles Case Kit!