Friday, 3 February 2012

New logo above....
Using a painting by my friend Katy, I put the image into and turned it into a sketch. I then darkened all the main parts of the image with a marker pen. I put the image down and placed a piece of calico on top. I then pinned them together, the calico acting as a tracing paper. Then using free hand style on the sewing machine, I embroidered the outlines and used a messy stitch to fill in the colours. Basically colouring in! I then used a chain stitch to create the writing. 
The original image was drawn by a great friend who is an amazing Cornish artist -
Pop along and have a look at her site. She doesn't have any of her illustrations online, but I hope she will be adding some soon! We are working on some printable images for fabric in the style of my logo.
Katy mainly using printmaking as her medium. Using this method she captures the Cornish hedgerow at its best. I love her work and I am waiting for my husband (a cabinet maker) to frame my favourite piece....It took 6 years for him to complete our kitchen! Wish me luck...

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