Sunday, 26 February 2012

Well I have spent allot of time drinking tea and eating cake today............
Oh and making 50 metres of bunting with the mums at Coverack Primary school.

I spent a day with the children at school last week helping them come up with designs and patterns reflecting their school and the village of Coverack. They then drew and painted their designs onto calico triangles. They had two each, one with their own design and one with their hand prints. They all really enjoyed themselves, from the smallest 4 year old, to the almost as tall as me 11 year old!

Today we sewed their flags together. The design on one side and the hand print on the other. We cut out more triangles from 6 different fabrics in primary colours, ginghams and spots. We mixed them all up, sewed them up and popped them on their strings.
In 6 hours we managed to make 50 metres. I can't wait for the Easter events at school to see them in all thier glory.

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  1. Although this is a hideous picture of me, I would like a framed copy....I will call it 'The Day I Ironed'
    Thanks for all your help with the bunting workshop - it was a huge success.